• Capricorn Society was formed over 40 years ago to support businesses in the automotive industry. It began as a simple buying cooperative, but today over 17,000 Members across Australia and New Zealand have access to a range of important Member benefits making it easier for them to run and grow their business. One of the most important Member benefits is access to Capricorn Risk Services.

    Capricorn Risk Services, provides Members with a one-stop solution when it comes to protecting your business and personal assets from risk. With Capricorn Risk Services, Members can access mutual protection as well as a wide range of insurance products brokered through other providers. This means, Capricorn Members can consolidate all their risk protection needs through Capricorn while still earning Capricorn Reward Points.

    Cooperating Together, Stronger Together

    You are part of something bigger at Capricorn, you are part of a cooperative. With over 17,000 like-minded Members across Australia and New Zealand, you are an owner of Australasia’s largest cooperative in the automotive parts buying industry. The more you use your Capricorn membership, the more you’ll benefit as a Member and the stronger your cooperative will be.