• Capricorn Society was formed over 40 years ago to support businesses in the automotive industry. It began as a simple buying cooperative, but today Members have access to a much wider range of services, including mutual protection and general insurance through Capricorn Risk Services.

    Mutual protection available through Capricorn Risk Services mirrors Capricorn’s cooperative philosophy. Those who choose to join the Mutual, combine their strength to share in the benefits that come with being part of the Mutual.

    Over a third of all Capricorn Members are already Members of Capricorn Mutual and it is not hard to see why. Payments can be made through your Capricorn Trade Account, reward points are earned on your contributions and you get your very own, dedicated Risk Account Manager.

    Capricorn Mutual really caters for our industry. I couldn’t believe how much more
    protection we could get through the Mutual and it was a better price. I have my home,
    business, cars all with the Mutual.

    Fabio Martinelli | Ultra Tune Malaga

    the mutual difference illustration

    Mutual Benefits

    Mutual protection provided through Capricorn Risk Services is exclusively available to Capricorn Members as an alternative to insurance.

    Unlike standard commercial insurance policies, Capricorn Mutual protections are designed to meet the unique needs of the motor trade industry.

    Specific risks protected by Capricorn Mutual that are not typically covered by standard commercial insurance policies, include losses from theft of customer vehicles while stored on premises; damage incurred during road testing and the risk of losses occurring as a result of faulty workmanship.

    Another key difference is how Capricorn Mutual is structured. Members of Capricorn Mutual are also the owners.

    This means:

    • No external shareholders to appease through the payment of dividends
    • Claims are paid fast to help Members when they need it most
    • Management of the funds are completely transparent
    • All profits benefit Members of the Mutual (either as reduced contributions or other benefits)

    Most importantly, as a Member of Capricorn Mutual, you can rest easy knowing your needs are put first. Your local Risk Account Manager will actively engage with you to help you find the protection you’re looking for at the right price and should the worst happen, help you get back on your feet, fast!

    Your One Stop Shop

    While Capricorn Members can access motor trade protection through Capricorn Mutual, Capricorn Risk Services also provides access to a full suite of general insurance solutions to provide a one-stop shop for all Capricorn Member’s risk protection needs

    Insurance products available through Capricorn Risk Services include: personal cover for accident and illness; home, contents and motor vehicle insurance; tools cover; management liability; commercial and landlord property insurance; farm packs; workers compensation (in some States and Territories); and even watercraft insurance.